PACE 49 Inc. is a full service company specializing in cleaners and an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered disinfectant, fungicide, algaecide, and bactericide for the Horticulture, Agriculture, Livestock, and Turf Grass industries – KleenGrow™.

With continual testing against and combining with industry standard fungicides, we are finding more and more ways for KleenGrow™ to reduce fungicide costs while increasing disease control.

PACE 49 Inc. specializes in developing cleaning and sanitation programs, HACCP, GAP, and SQF by designing and implementing the PACE ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) at each of our customers. There's a PACE solution for almost any surface.

Our products STRIP-IT™, HORTI-KLOR™, CLEAN-UP™, KleenGrow™, and UpTake™ were developed for agriculture and horticulture professionals. They are also now available to you so your home can benefit from these professional grade products!

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