Pace 49 Cleaning & Disinfecting Sheets Available for Download

April 6th, 2020

Dear Valued Pace 49 Customer: PACE has always prioritized plant health. In these unprecedented times, our priorities have narrowed. The world is currently faced with a global pandemic, and human health has become the utmost priority. While plant health remains important to PACE, by instilling the same cleaning & disinfecting practices suggested throughout our tenure, will now also help protect people. Plants are cared for by people, it’s time to care for those people by keeping them safe. PACE has always stood by the 3-Step system of Always Clean Before Disinfecting, and that is the case today, now more than ever. 

We are here to support you.  The PACE 49 Team

The 3-step, Always Clean Before Disinfecting System (ACBD) is simple to implement and always effective.

Step 1: Thoroughly clean the area with a detergent.

Step 2: Rinse the detergent off with water. (All detergents must be rinsed.)

Step 3: Apply to pre-cleaned surface, a disinfectant, to kill microbes you cannot see. NO rinsing is required which will provide residual microbial control. (When using PACE KleenGrow)

Please download the KleenGrow information sheet here 

Cleaning & Disinfecting procedures here for your facility to use. 

Contact your local PACE representative with any procedural questions and for ordering cleaning and disinfecting supplies for your facility. 

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