Pace 49 Pandemic Supply Distribution Announcement for Valued Distributors

March 26th, 2020

CEO Wesley Martin, Vice President Judy McWhorter, the PACE group of companies, along with the rest of the world, have implemented Pandemic Preparedness Protocols during these unprecedented times. Reaching out to our valued distributors and customers to see how PACE can help, is of the utmost priority. Our employees are working around the clock to keep our communication channels open, in order to organize and supply our disinfectants and cleaning detergents to whomever may need them during this time. KleenGrow is a highly effective, EPA registered disinfectant, and our manufacturers are preparing for the increased demand and have already ramped up production to meet incoming demand of those products along with our detergent cleaners.

PACE representatives are standing by to assist with procedures to provide environmental decontamination, most especially in high traffic areas. Thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting will help protect employees, owners, and other personnel who may come in contact with contaminated surfaces.

We MUST implement these procedures to ensure the health and safety of all, and in order to stop the spread of illness.

Contact your local PACE representative Here for assistance with procedures and ordering. (link) plus company phone number

Below is an update from our CEO, Wesley Martin.

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