PACE 49 Inc. is a full service company specializing in cleaners and an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) registered disinfectant, fungicide, algaecide, and bactericide for the Horticulture, Agriculture, Livestock, and Turf Grass industries.

With continual testing against and combining with industry standard fungicides, we are finding more and more ways for KleenGrow™ to reduce fungicide costs while increasing disease control.

PACE 49 Inc. specializes in developing cleaning and sanitation programs, HACCP, GAP, and SQF by designing and implementing the PACE ACBD System® (Always Clean Before Disinfecting) at each of our customers.

Ask Us...

  • For references
  • About the industry leading PACE ACBD System® “Always Clean Before Disinfecting ”
  • About procedures, training, and the proper products to help control the spread of disease throughout an operation
  • How we can benefit your bottom line
  • How we can demonstrate our commitment to satisfy your business needs
  • How our products save you money by unclogging irrigation systems, increasing the time you use the drip tape, or reducing your fungicide budget by up to 35%