“In my applied research trials, I try to re-use pots as much as possible. After scrubbing and washing with a liquid dish soap or detergent, I disinfect all my pots, trays and greenhouse benches with a 30-second dip in KleenGrow™ at 8 mL/L before re-using them in plant pathology research trials. I have had no contamination from carry-over plant pathogens and no injury to test plants.”

Dr. Janice Elmhirst

Horticultural Researcher

Elmhirst Diagnostics,
British Columbia, Canada

“We have used the combination of STRIP-IT™ and KleenGrow™ to clean out our greenhouse for more than five years. Not only does it do a great job cleaning, but it has reduced our need to control pests during the upcoming year. I am such a believer in their products that I will pay out of my pocket to get the chemicals if we don’t have money left in our research budgets to do our end of the year cleaning!”

Barbara E. Liedl, Ph.D.

Associate Research Professor

West Virginia State University
Institite, West Virgina

“The combination of STRIP-IT™ and KleenGrow™ created a clean, disease free environment in my greenhouses. The 2-step program is applied easily and is long lasting which helps to cut back on time, costs, and, most importantly, labor. As a grower I will continue to clean and disinfect using these products knowing that the production results will be endless.”

Jessica Watson

Propagation Manager

Creekside Nursery
Hempstead, Texas

” We have unusually high iron in our irrigation water. The drip system in our mum field starts experiencing clogs only 1 – 2 years into service. We ran a trial with STRIP-IT™ on some lines that had been in service for several years and had heavy iron deposits. To our amazement two applications at the recommended rates completely cleaned out the 1/2 inch header lines and loosened up much of what was in the emitters. We feel that if we had started using STRIP-IT™ at the end of each growing season we would never have had any occurrence of these deposits and clogging.”

Glen Stecher

G&G Stecher Farms
Swedesboro, New Jersey

“We have just begun to work with the KleenGrow™. We feel that there are multiple uses for it in our Propagation area as well as a greenhouse fungicide plus it helps control algae. We are excited by the results we have seen this far. The PACE 49, Inc. people have been great to work with and helped us get started with the new product.”

Dave Dagen

General Manager

Emerald Coast Growers
Pensacola, Florida