Hard-surface Disinfectant, Bactericide and Fungicide

KleenGrow™ is a broad spectrum pesticide and disinfectantthat kills on contact and has a 2-4 week residual.  It is a unique quaternary ammonium chloride formulation that is environmentally friendly yet very effective in safely controlling diseases on plants as well as hard surfaces at very low rates.

KleenGrow™ can be applied bi-weekly as a manual drench orspray through chemigation on most plant material from propagation to finish. It is the cornerstone to the PACE ACBD System® – “Always Clean Before Disinfecting”, yet remains an economical way to disinfect irrigation lines, greenhouse structures, benches, trays, coolers, and more.

The new chemigation use pattern on the KleenGrow™ label allows for growers to inject in the evening and come back in their greenhouse the next morning with the new 12 hour REI. This is great news for fighting off pythium and phytophthora.

*Note:KleenGrow™ is NOT registered for use as an algaecide in California!