A biodegradable soil adjuvant and wetting agent

UpTake™ is a biodegradable soil adjuvant and wetting agent designed for turf grass, trees, nursery stock, field crops, greenhouses and  orchards. UpTake™ increases penetration of water through soil, resulting in improved root growth and plant quality.  Improved performance of pesticides, insecticides, miticides, fertilizers, and herbicides can be achieved with UpTake™  when used at a tank mix, through sprinkler systems, or drip irrigation.

Effective at rates as low as 2 ppm UpTake™ can be used through drip irrigation lines to better deliver fertilizer to your crop while keeping the irrigation lines cleaner. With its high tolerance for hard water it can be effective at removing iron and iron slime from inside irrigation systems during the growing season.

*NOTE: UpTake™ is not available in California or Alaska.