CLEAN-UP™ — Tough foaming action helps to quickly  dislodge and break-up hard to remove heat-set grease, dirt, compacted soils and biological stains such as those left by spiders, roaches and birds for easy removal.

• Safe to use on structural surfaces such as wood,  concrete, plastic, PVC, vinyl, glass, rubber, stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass and painted surfaces.

• Economically clean tractors, trucks, heavy equipment, shops, warehouses, barns, poultry houses, animal stalls, kennels and veterinary facilities.

• Effectively clean indoor gardening structures, produce packing areas, poultry dripper lines and cooling  condensers.

CLEAN-UP™ — spray • rinse • disinfect

Avoid spraying detergent on vegetation or animals and rinse immediately if vegetation or animals accidentally come in contact with detergent. Animals may return to cleaned area immediately after a thorough rinse.

1. Soak area thoroughly with CLEAN-UP™ solution for  10-15 minutes before rinsing.

2. Pressure rinse until all detergent and dirt is removed. Let the rinse do the scrubbing.

3. Disinfect — For maximum sanitation follow rinse  with NO RINSE KleenGrow™ disinfectant.

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