KleenGrow™ is a concentrated eco-friendly no-rinse disinfectant and cleaner safe to use on most all surfaces from painted wood to metal patio furniture and is a great disease control product for in-door flowering plants.

• Cost effective — 1 quart = 6 quarts of chlorine cleaners or 2 quarts of peroxide cleaners.

• Safe and effective — no discoloring of clothing or harmful fumes.

• Unique formulation that can Disinfect, Clean and Deodorize thus eliminating mildews and other allergy causing problems.

Safe to Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize areas such as:

• Wood, concrete, brick or stone patios or decks.

• Vinyl, aluminum or wood siding.

• Metal, vinyl, plastic or cloth outdoor patio furniture.

• Kennels, livestock barns or poultry houses.

Effective Disease and Odor control in indoor gardening

• Weekly sprays will kill bacteria and fungal diseases on plants and soil surface.

• Eliminates odors in botanical gardens and indoor growing areas.

For best results, clean area with STRIP-IT, HORTIKLOR or CLEAN-UP detergents, rinse away dislodged dirt and mildew, then spray with KleenGrow™ for up to a 30-day control of diseases and odors. Pets, livestock and poultry can immediately re-enter disinfected area once product is dry.

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