UpTake™  is a new wetting agent, surfactant and  spreader sticker — 3-IN-1 PRODUCT. Water spreads more evenly & lasts longer to improve root growth and decrease localized dry spots in turf and flower beds.

This triple action  adjuvant is added to sprinkler or drip irrigation systems or mixed with herbicides, fungicides or bactericides prior to spraying to increase water or pesticide  penetration into soil and on a plant surface.

• Safe to use on Lawns, Gardens, Flowers, Fruits,  Vegetables and Herbs.

• More even and quicker penetration of water into  all types of soils.

• Add to water in overhead or drip irrigation systems.

• Increase water and pesticide penetration when  mixed with pesticides.

• Reduce cost of water and pesticide—decreases  water and pesticide waste.

• Improve root growth and overall health of turf  and plants.

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